Simplicity, good value and an ‘excellent alternative’ 

Making sure we sell the best possible product to our customers is what drives us. In a time of high heating bills and climate change, we want Radbot to help UK households reduce costs and their carbon footprint.

That’s why we’ve been working on a reviews programme for Radbot and have been sending our smart radiator thermostat out to be tested by professionals.


We’ve already asked the money experts for their opinions and we’ve done detailed testing in Salford University’s Energy House, but we also wanted to get the opinion of the technology experts.

We sent Radbots to two of the leading product review sites, Mighty Gadget and Trusted Reviews, who installed our smart radiator thermostat in their homes and put it through its paces.

Just to make things easier (Radbot doesn’t do things by halves), both reviewers, James Smythe and David Ludlow, are very smart-home tech savvy, so this was going to be a tough audience.

For the actual testing, Radbot was tested over a good period of time – enough for the reviewers to get to know the product, come to an informed opinion and compare it to other smart radiator solutions.


Mighty Gadget logoAlthough a self-confessed ‘tech geek’, James felt that Radbot was an ‘excellent alternative’ for two key audiences; the first being householders who are looking for a simple, app-free and fuss-free solution, and the other a tech savvy audience who use smart home solutions but want more control through a zoned heating solution.

‘…Radbot is an ‘excellent alternative’ to other smart heating solutions’

Not only did James feel it was competitively priced, but he also states that Radbot is easy to install, as householders simply unscrew their old smart radiator thermostat, or TRV, and replace with Radbot.

Overall rating: 75%  

Trusted ReviewsDavid starts his review stating that Radbot is unlike any other smart radiator valve he’s reviewed as there’s no app, voice control or any additional features to distinguish it from a ‘normal’ radiator valve, but he quickly understands that’s the whole point.

Smart simplicity is key for Radbot and this is what makes it unique. As David says; ‘If you need a simple, yet smart, upgrade to your heating system then the Radbot could be for you.’

Being easily identifiable as a radiator valve is partly what makes Radbot easy to use. Not only that, but because all the smart technology is placed inside, it becomes a fuss-free, simple set and forget product.

‘The simplest smart heating system yet’

Other product features cited by David were that Radbot is great value, easy to install with very little configuration. In fact, he describes Radbot as ‘The simplest smart heating system yet’. We couldn’t agree more!

Overall rating: 4½ stars out of 5


As the warmer seasons are now kicking-in, it’s commonplace to turn your heating off and forget about it until it gets chilly again. However, as we mentioned at the start, increasing energy bills and climate change concerns mean every season counts.

As Radbot controls your heating room by room, also known as zoned heating, it can reduce your heating bills by up to 30%. So, to make the most of next winter, why not install them over the summer months and then you can start the next heating season at a money-saving advantage.