Putting money where our mouth is, we sent our smart radiator thermostat out for review. Here’s what the experts said…

This heating season, Radbot’s been working its magic to help drive down your energy bills. It’s been a busy time!

So far so good. However, as Radbot is a product that’s new to the market, we were also keen to hear what the experts had to say about our smart radiator thermostat. Especially, when it comes to ease of use and saving money.

As a result, we approached leading personal finance and money bloggers and sent them Radbots to review. The results have been very promising.

Firstly, we sent leading money blogger and personal finance Journalist, Faith Archer at Much more with Less, some Radbots. She liked the look of them and decided to test them independently.

Radbot money savingFaith described Radbot as a ‘new love’ and has found that, after 13 days, she had saved nearly £14.

With an oil-based central heating system, Faith pays £520 for 1,000 litres, so over six months – and taking fluctuating oil prices into account – that would total more than £180.

Katy, aka Katy Kicker focuses on money-saving and helping people ‘kick’ their finances into touch.

Her take on Radbot is that it’s so simple to fit and use. If she wakes at night, she’s also found the boost button really useful to heat the room.

Not only that, but Katy found the dial on the product is smooth and easy to turn, unlike her old radiator valves.

Finally, Angela Milnes from The Inspiration Edit also loved Radbot’s ease of use and installation. As she suffers from chronic illness, saving money, especially heating costs, is really important to her and her family.

As Angela does tire easily, she found fitting Radbot didn’t exert undue stress as you simply screw it on. Additionally, she found that having a product that controls the radiators for her helps a lot, and reduces the time it takes to walk around her home adjusting them all the time.

Three different reviews, all highlighting different benefits. For Faith it was saving money, Katy, ease of use and Angela, easy installation. A product that reduces your heating bills and easy to use; what’s not to like about that?!