Energy Saving Trust badgeSmart radiator thermostat meets industry money-saving standards

We’re really excited to announce that Radbot is now an Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product. This means we have met the Trust’s guidelines and standards to be officially recognised as a product that saves money and energy.

Saving you up to 30% off your heating bills, without having to switch suppliers, Radbot heats rooms only when needed and then reduces the temperature when empty. You wouldn’t leave the lights on all over your house, so why do the same with your heating?

Endorsed Product status means householders and consumers can be assured when buying home appliances, heating products or boilers that the products have been tested and certified by the Trust.  It’s always worth looking out for the stamp when deciding what to buy.

The Energy Saving Trust has been recognised as one of the leading and most trusted organisations helping people save energy every day, so this is a great endorsement for Radbot.