Savings made Simple

A smart heating control that saves energy and money


Social landlords state fuel poverty and improved affordability are key motivators for retrofit.

But funding still remains a barrier.

Radbot is a smart TRV that learns household occupancy patterns to heat rooms only when in use and lowers the temperature when empty.

This leads to a per-room saving of up to 60%, or whole house savings of 30%.

Radbot pays for itself

Tenants can expect a payback within one heating season, making Radbot a cost-effective retrofit solution for housing associations looking to reduce energy costs.

How Radbot works

Radbot monitors changes in light, which it uses to build a pattern of occupancy. This helps it to heat each room only when in use.

If schedules change, Radbot quickly learns this and updates the heating pattern. Radbot also learns how long it takes to warm each room in order to optimise comfort and savings.

Radbot Credentials

Payback per home


Cost of 4 Radbots (wholesale price)


Estimated Annual Space Heating Cost


Average % Savings 


Average Monthly Savings


# of heating seasons to payback  


Estimated SAP increase 

3.93 points


Example based on typical 3 bed semi-detached house with an average gas consumption of 12,500 kWh/yr

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