Combining Innovation and Simplicity

Cutting-edge technology delivering cost-effective energy savings.




Our first product is Radbot, a totally new type of smart radiator thermostat that monitors the occupancy pattern of a room and automatically adjusts the heating pattern, so it only heats the room when someone is there.

Why waste energy heating empty rooms when you can install Radbot?



We understand that people have better things to do with their life than controlling their heating system.

Radbot is designed to be incredibly simple to install and use. It requires no Wi-Fi, no 4G, no mobile phone app and no requirement to program complex heating schedules.

After all, who really wants a complex relationship with a radiator?

Intelligent heating control working for you


Up to 30% savings per radiator


Improves comfort by keeping each of your rooms at the right temperature


Learns how you use each room and continually adjusts to your changing schedule


Built in frost and humidity detection to protect your home


Handy boost feature provides 30 minutes of extra heat on demand


Monitors the room environment and optimises the heating response to maximise savings and comfort

How does it work?

Radbot uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to monitor a room’s usage pattern.

Its unique occupancy detection system is continually observing minute changes in light levels to determine when someone is using a room.

Armed with this information, Radbot automatically adjusts the output of the radiator to ensure the room is warm only when you need it and not wasting energy when you don’t.

Compatible and Scalable


Radbot is a simple replacement for existing manual thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs).

Designed for use with wet central heating systems using radiators, Radbot is compatible with the majority of households in the UK and Europe.

Unlike other more complex smart heating solutions, Radbot does not require a central control device to function. This means it’s easily scalable. You can start with just a few Radbots and add more as required.

The smart choice for busy people

designed for everyone who doesn’t want to waste time and money on complicated smart heating solutions.

We recognise that people don’t stick to a single schedule. That’s why Radbot is designed to continually learn and adapt to your changing lifestyle.

There is no need to manually update heating schedules, Radbot takes care of the hard work for you.


Fitting Radbot couldn’t be easier. To install, you simply remove your existing TRV’s thermostatic control head and replace with Radbot. It takes minutes to do and needs no special tools or skills. Just insert the batteries, install by hand and set the heating level – job done!

Technical Specification

A smart thermostatic radiator control device.

Compatible with wet central heating systems with radiators that have existing thermostatic radiator valves fitted. Supplied with 6 valve adaptors.

Box Contents

1 Radbot device
6 Valve adaptors
2 x 1.5V AA batteries
Instruction manual
Quick reference guide


2 x 1.5V AA batteries (supplied), battery life approx. 2 years

Environmental Sensors

Temperature/humidity/ambient light

Dimensions (LxWxH)

90 x 55 x 55 mm




Help to reduce CO2 emissions from space heating with Radbot... a simple way of cutting your gas consumption by up to 30%!