Smart radiator thermostats, pods and, yes, plastic can help reduce our carbon footprint

Being part of the Radbot team not only means we want to help people save money on their energy bills, but we also want to help do our bit for the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Besides cutting down on energy consumption, there are so many other things we can do to be more sustainable, such as reducing plastic and recycling as much as we can…as often as possible.

However, these are activities we’re all doing now, but what are the current trends and predictions for the future? What does future living look like and how can we be more sustainable on an everyday level?

We recently went to Futurebuild, a show that looks at sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions to 21st Century issues.  Here are some of our top finds from the show that can help you have a more carbon-neutral lifestyle.

I’m sleeping in a pod, a suspended pod…

Ok, we can’t shy away from it; we’re living in an unpredictable economic climate, which means the cost of living has increased and the housing market has taken a hit.

As a result, pods are increasingly being considered to help with the housing and homeless crisis, as they are an efficient way of creating housing quickly. By using sustainable materials, such as wood, as well as smart heating, they can be an affordable solution.

Not only that, but people are also opting to take more breaks, or staycations, in the UK, which has meant hotels and landowners have to be more creative with space and offer guests more alternative ‘experiences’.

vistadais pod

Vistadais Pod

We’ve got Glamping, Yurts, Houseboats and even Tree Houses, so how about a pod on legs? We fell in love with VistaDais pods, which are on stilts and leave no trace when removed.

They are also off-grid, which means they run on their own energy and have a minimal carbon footprint. Not only do they help the planet, but they’re also really desirable. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night or a weekend in a pod on stilts.

Radbot really wants one, well, we all do to be honest!


Doing up your home, or doing a complete renovation, can be costly but there are ways you can save money and do your bit for the environment.

Upcycling or reviving old furniture is really popular and a great way of saving objects from landfill. For example, instead of throwing away your old kitchen and bathroom units or wardrobes, think about giving them a new lease of life by respraying.

Leessa paints

Leessa Paints

We are increasingly seeing more environmentally-friendly paints that are free of VOCs and just as good, if not better, than ‘traditional’ paints. We loved the selection from Leessa paints at the show. Talk about standout, eye catching colours!

Just think of the money you’ll save by not having to invest in a completely new units or cupboards. You could use that towards a holiday…or taking more control of your heating.

Sticking to the kitchen and bathroom theme, we also found more ways of saving money. Eco panels from Reco Tile are one way to create a great space that is durable and doesn’t require harsh cleaning products in plastic bottles to keep them looking good.

As they can be placed over existing tiles, there is less landfill waste, and, as they last for a decade, they can outlive some of the cheaper ceramic tiles.

Not only that, but they are 100% recyclable as well, and you can get them created with any visual you want. We’re thinking of Radbot-themed panels.

Saving Energy

Radbot is one part of the energy saving puzzle and can reduce your heating costs, but to really add value and get Radbot working at its best, it’s important to look at your heating system as a whole.

A poorly functioning boiler will increase your heating costs, and radiators not working as well as they should will also have an impact on your bills.

We are seeing more and more alternatives to traditional boilers, such as Micro CHP boilers that generate heat and electricity, as well as renewable solutions from the larger boiler manufacturers, such as Vaillant, that are worth exploring.

Reco Tile

Reco Tile

If you’re thinking about solar panels, or you already have them installed, then you could make them work harder to provide electricity to your home and also into the Grid. Moixa’s Smart Battery does just that. Making money, whilst saving money, what’s not to like.

There are so many sustainable products being developed and launched that it’s always worth keeping an eye out for a more environmentally-friendly solution to your project or home heating solution.

We want everybody to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption, wherever possible and at an affordable price, which is why the simplest solutions are sometimes the best.