Vestemi is a company that makes carbon saving simple and easy for everyone.

Vestemi’s first product is Radbot, a smart thermostatic radiator valve that uses zoning and occupancy sensing to ensure the spaces people occupy are only heated when required, without compromising on comfort. The combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a low cost and easy to install device, results in heat energy savings estimated at 30% and an ROI of around one year.

Our Radbot prototype device has been thoroughly tested in a variety of real world scenarios, including an extensive 18 month trial in 58 social housing properties. The commercial version of Radbot is scheduled for launch in October of 2018.

About us

Our passion is to design and deliver consumer facing technology that reduces the impact of climate change and helps our customers save energy and money.

At the heart of our ethos lie the principles of efficiency, innovation and simplicity. We strive to bring together the latest advances in smart technology and consumer centred design to produce energy saving products that are accessible to everyone.  We believe that empowering our customers through the use of technology is the most effective way to sustain lasting action on climate change.


Company Name: Vestemi Limited
Address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
Phone Number: 0333 567 1535